The Challenge

Founded in 2016, Parity Partners is dedicated to building the next generation of women in leadership positions within underrepresented sectors, such as venture capital and technology, through advocacy, education, and recruitment. Their Parity Professional Program (P3) aims to further this mission by curating an online and offline network of women who will champion efforts for increased diversity, inclusion, and equity.

The goal of this project was to evaluate the user experience of P3 in order to develop a responsive website that fosters connectedness between P3 members and staff.

My Role

Within our team of four, I served as the UX Research Lead and Designer for this project.

Our Approach

Our team began our process with a deep dive into business and user research, which uncovered some challenges with program implementation beyond the digital platform.

First, many program participants desired an onboarding experience which allowed them to select sub-groups that were most compatible with their interests and time preferences.

Second, program members and staff desired a payment process that clearly illustrated member benefits.

Third, the platform needed to represent the different functions for program stakeholders: general members, leader members, and staff. Within the parameters of our client’s request for a responsive site, we developed the problem statement:

How might we cultivate a community of professional women that is built on agency, transparent, and accessibility?

Key Activities

Competitive Business Analysis
Collaborative Ideation
Responsive Design Wireframing
User Research

Rapid Prototyping
Persona Development
Technical Specification Documentation
Usability Testing



Our project focused on developing solutions that could be implemented with the client’s current software and existing ecosystem of applications. Using all of our research insights gathered, our team designed three main user flows for the three types of P3: pod members, pod leaders, and pod admin.

Pod Directory.png

We partnered with our client for a collaborative design studio to create initial sketches for our prototype. Using a “mobile first” approach, we then developed mid-fidelity mobile wireframes of the main member page based on our ideation process

We then translated these designs into our desktop site for the member flow.

Key features our team developed for the leader flow were a mandatory onboarding video and brief quiz before leaders can proceed to their sub-groups and an event page which incorporated member optimal meeting times.

Mandatory Onboarding Video

Onboarding Video Start  Onboarding Video Complete

Create Events with Optimal Meeting Time Algorithm

Create Event Create Event Filled

Usability tests conducted on the user flows increased with each iteration, with users reporting that they desired multiple routes to navigate through the different user flows.


The findings listed above helped inform Parity Partners and our UX design team of user needs in order to design a platform which facilitated a cohesive online and offline experience.