The Challenge

The purpose of this project was to develop a product within the given parameters of health, fitness, and/or sports that could be incorporated into an existing brand. Our team of three brainstormed various ways we might think about aspects of health and what problems we might solve through this process.

My Role

I served as the UX Research Lead with a team of three people.

Our Approach

We made the following assumptions:

  • Most people want to be healthy
  • People feel motivated when they receive encouragement from others
  • People feel more comfortable around people with shared experiences and skills

Based on these assumptions, we developed the following problem statement:

How might we develop an experience that welcomes people of all skill levels to fitness communities?

After conducted our business analysis, we determined that our product would best fit in with the Nike fitness ecosystem due to the company’s various products for both individual and group fitness.

Complementing the business analysis, we conducted user research to gain insight into the motivations and behaviors of users. We uncovered the following key insights:

  • People weren’t necessarily comfortable trying new activities, especially alone
  • People like being well-informed of new activities so that they can be prepared

From there, we developed user personas based on these insights:

Key Activities

Competitive Business Analysis
Collaborative Ideation
Responsive Design Wireframing
User Research

Rapid Prototyping
Persona Development
Technical Specification Documentation
Usability Testing


Our team conducted usability testing based on three tasks: setting a skill level, joining a team, and checking the game schedule.

Key iterations on the design were simplifying the search function and results and developing multiple paths on the home screen to explore different sports.

Additionally, we clarified the onscreen text to make the language consistent with sports terminology and added transition pages to satisfy complete states for user actions.

Since we wanted to test additional functionality for the app, our team quickly created additional wireframes to improve the user flow.

Huddle Artboard_Screenshot


Introducing: Huddle by Nike

Huddle is a mobile fitness app which allows people to find games to play based on their self-reported skill level, geolocation of games near the user, and calendarization of games.

Huddle_Demo Screens.png

Overall, this project could be incorporated as an extension of Nike’s commitment to accessible fitness communities.