The Challenge

The purpose of this design process was to attract and retain a community of users for Blue Apron and develop the food community supporting the company. Keeping in line with Blue Apron’s mission to “build a better food system,” our prototype would aid Blue Apron in building a better food community, as well.

Keeping this mission in mind, we formed the following problem statement:

How might we develop a way for users to [re]engage with Blue Apron by developing the cooking community?

My Role

As a design team of three, I served as both UX designer and researcher.

Our Approach

We started with customer research, which exposed user thoughts and behaviors around meal kit delivery services as well as general cooking preferences. Our insights from this research allowed us to discover a pattern of people who are either experienced cooks or beginner cooks, both of whom were looking for new ways to immerse themselves in learning different recipes and techniques without the hassle of coordinating complex meals.

Key Activities

Screener Survey
Research Synthesis & Design
Rapid Prototyping

User Interviews
Persona Development
Usability Testing


Our team designed a prototype to support feature implementation for 1. user-submitted recipes, 2. recipe voting, and 3. purchasing meal kits from previous contest winners within Blue Apron’s mobile application.

Blue Apron Sketches to Prototype
Recipe submission page: from initial sketches to high fidelity wireframes.

We used feedback from usability tests to make urgent changes to the prototype for empty states and error states and changed the contest icon for better recognition.


Blue Apron Phone Mockup

Our team created a new way to better engage users from a range of cooking experience levels. As a key next step, elements of this prototype would be presented to Blue Apron stakeholders in order to provide an immersive cooking experience for their users.