About Me

“Every great design begins with an even better story.”
Lorinda Mamo
Designer / Creative Director
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I’m a hybrid researcher, designer, and coder who creates thoughtful, inclusive, and sustainable digital products. 

I love finding creative solutions to complex issues all while keeping my design process human-centered.

I’ve always been interested in helping people, storytelling, and technology. The start of my career combined these passions into public health, where I used research insights to advocate for vulnerable populations and developed programs to improve the health of global populations. While public health is a love of mine, I began to understand the importance of infusing technology into the process of storytelling in order to make greater and more flexible societal impacts.

As I was exploring the many different roles I could play in technology, I saw user experience design as the perfect opportunity to engage in research that would inform the design of products which make an impact on our lives. My goal is to make engaging designs that are truly inclusive of our global communities.

I’m passionate about bringing stories to life through awesome digital experiences. I enjoy advocating for people by incorporating representative and inclusive insights that inform designs which are but fun and human-centered.  

When I’m not working on design projects you can find me reading, learning a new language, doing outdoor activities, and tending to my garden. 

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